Podcasts 🎙

Life is better with podcasts. I squeeze podcast listening into any part of the day that I can. I might listen when cooking, cleaning, cycling, but not coding; my brain can't handle that.

My podcast player of choice is Overcast, written by Marco Arment. It's by far the best podcast player I've ever used and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's very likely that it's my most-used app in the 10+ years I've owned an iPhone.

🎧 Must-listens

These are the shows I'm fully caught up on and listen to as soon as they come out.

🗃 Backlog

These are the shows that I've only discovered relatively recently, and so I'm still working though a backlog of old episodes. If I'm not listening to one of the Must-Listens above, then I'm listening to these.

🔔 Keeping on top of

These are shows I really enjoy listening to, but that I've decided not to go back through the entire history of. Instead, I just listen to new shows as they come out.

🗄 The rest

These are shows that I'm a fan of, but I don't religiously listen to new episodes of. Equally, they may be shows that have now ended. If I've somehow burnt through all above shows, I might pick out some unlistened episodes from these shows.

  1. Flaggy Flag, the one true flag. ↩ī¸Ž