Games 🎲

Games are one of my favourite pastimes. I've played games (video, board, and card) for as long as I can remember, and have owned a console from every generation from the NES onwards. In that time I've played far, far too many games to catalogue completely, so here's a list of games from the last 25+ years that have stood out to me. As time goes on and this site evolves, I'd like to write a few sentences about what makes each game stand out to me.

Games are listed under the system that I played them on, which isn't necessarily the system that they were released on. They may also be duplicated across systems, if they stood out on both.


Game Boy


Nintendo 64

Game Boy Color


Playstation 2

Game Boy Advance


Xbox 360

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Switch

Xbox One X



🃏 Card & board games

I try to take a couple of decks of cards with me whenever I go away. Not all of these games can be played with a regular deck of cards, but they're all good fun nonetheless.

🕗 To Play

Games I've heard about that I'm hoping to look into.

  1. I bought it again for PC, and again for Switch. ↩︎